SESAME will be able to serve 25 or more experiments operating simultaneously on 25 independent beamlines.

These beamlines may have lengths of up to 36.6m. The experimental hall measures 60m x 60m with extensions of 7.5m on each side, and in the corners there will be 12 laboratories and 3 workshops for the beamlines.

There will be seven beamlines in Phase 1, of which two will be ‘day-one’ beamlines with one scheduled to be ready to collect data in March/April 2017 before the official opening of the laboratory on 16 May 2017 and the second ready to start operations in April/May 2017. Construction of the third beamline will be completed at the end of the third quarter of 2017, to be followed by the fourth in late 2018. The remaining three beamlines will be constructed not long after.

Plans for the beamlines for Phase 2 will be developed in parallel with tconstruction of the remaining Phase 1 beamlines.

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