Director-General of IAEA Visits SESAME Site

IAEA_VISITS_-El-Barady new2
© 2007 SESAME: Khaled Toukan (right) showing the area that will serve as SESAME’s experimental hall to Mohamed ElBaradei (left) and Ali Boussaha
© 2007 SESAME: Mohamed ElBaradei in discussion with Rafiq Sarraf (centre) in the presence of Khaled Toukan and staff of SESAME

On 14 April 2007, on the occasion of his visit to Jordan, Mohamed ElBaradei, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), visited SESAME’s building being constructed in Allan by the Authorities of Jordan. He was accompanied by Ali Boussaha, Director of the Division for Africa of IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation. ElBaradei was shown round the premises by Khaled Toukan, Director of SESAME, in the presence of the staff of SESAME and Rafiq Sarraf who prepared the final design of the building with the Engineering Department of the Al-Balqa’ Applied University in Salt (Jordan) and help from the Engineering Department of FZK Karlsruhe (Germany). This was the first visit to the site by a Director-General of the Agency.

In the framework of an IAEA/SESAME Memorandum of Understanding signed during the 9th meeting of the SESAME Council held in Petra (Jordan) from 6-7 December 2006, the IAEA is providing very substantial and valuable support for the training of future SESAME users and operators in the safe and secure commissioning and operation of the SESAME facility. The Agency takes part in the meetings of the SESAME Council and is frequently present at the Centre’s annual users’ meetings.