New SESAME Roof Fully in Place

new-roof-1© 2015 SESAME: Photo 1: Installed side panels                                   new-roof-2© 2015 SESAME: Photo 2: SESAME new roof

The new SESAME roof is now fully in place.

All the steel structure, bar some of the purlins, was in place by 5 January 2014 – had it not been for bad weather conditions, this would have been the case earlier.

This was immediately followed by a visit to SESAME of the two international experts (one from from PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) in Switzerland and the second from Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A in Italy) under whose supervision the design of the new roof was prepared. The purpose of their visit was to inspect the installed roof and compare it with the original design they had approved. The recommendations they made during their visit have been followed up by the contractor.

Once the purlins were installed, the contactor started installing the side sandwich panels - this work was completed by 25 February (see photo 1 above) – and all that now remains to be done are the finishing touches (e.g. painting those parts of the steel structure that need to be painted, removal of unutilized pieces of steel, etc.).

The colour of the new roof is different to that of the previous roof, and the degree of inclination of the roof slope is greater to avoid large deposits of snow (see photo 2 above).

The crane inside the SESAME experimental hall has also been installed. It again has a capacity of 8 tons, but the design is slightly different from that of the former crane in that there are only two synchronized driving motors on the side rails, and there is no driving motor on the middle hang over rail.

The staff were able to pursue their normal activities in their offices and laboratories at SESAME throughout this last phase of the work, and the SESAME Safety Committee continued to work closely with the safety officer of the contractor to ensure a safe work environment for the staff.