The selection of SESAME’s seven Phase 1 beamlines was based on input from five scientific workshops and the early Users’ Meetings in which several hundred Middle East scientists participated, on 70 proposals received, and joint meetings of the Scientific Advisory Committee of SESAME and the now defunct Beamlines Advisory Committee of SESAME.

These beamlines are the following:

  1. XAFS/XRF (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure/X-ray Fluorescence) spectroscopy, is the ‘day-one’ beamline to be completed in September 2017
  2. IR (Infrared Spectromicroscopy), is the second ‘day-one’ beamline, to be completed in November 2017
  3. MS (Materials Science), The commissioning of the beamline is expected to start in the summer of 2019
  4. MX (Macromolecular Crystallography), the beamline to be completed in late 2019
  5. Soft X-ray Beamline
  6. SAXS/WAXS (Small Angle and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering)
  7. Tomography Beamline

Plans for the Soft X-ray, SAXS/WAXS and Tomography beamlines are currently being reviewed and updated.

No Beamline Energy Range Source Type
1 XAFS/XRF (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure/X-ray Fluorescence) 4.5-30 keV Bending Magnet
2 IR (Infrared Spectromicroscopy) 0.001-3 eV Bending Magnet
3 MS (Materials Science) 5-25 keV 2.1 Tesla MPW (SLS)
4 Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) ~4 ~14 keV In Vacuum Undulator