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The International Center for Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) is established in Jordan, under the auspices of UNESCO. Its mission is to promote international collaboration in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region using synchrotron light for basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, environmental and medical investigations, archaeological studies and other research areas of relevance to the region. The centerpiece of SESAME is an advanced synchrotron light source that is being constructed and to be operated by the Members of SESAME (Cyprus, Egypt, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, and Turkey) with the support of the international community. SESAME is an international scientific and technological centre of excellence open to all qualified scientists worldwide.

The Helmholtz Association has recently approved to support the construction of a Soft X-Ray beamline at SESAME (HESEB, HElmholtz-SEsame Beamline). The beamline will have multiple end stations, the first of which will be for Soft X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy with a focus on environment science as well as cultural heritage studies. Further experimental stations for ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy as well as angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy are foreseen to be installed at a later stage, possibly with financial support from user groups.


The soft X-Ray HESEB beamline is the sixth beamline to be installed at SESAME. Its construction is supported by the German Helmholtz Association. It is based on a variable-polarization undulator and a collimated plane-grating monochromator (PGM). Its design, procurement, and construction will be carried out by a consortium of Helmholtz centers (Germany) in collaboration with SESAME. We look for a highly motivated beamline scientist who will work under the direct supervision of the Scientific Director to provide Middle East with excellent research opportunities. He/she will work in close contact with all the Helmholtz centers involved in the project and is expected to spend extensive periods of time in Germany (possibly up to the first three years of the project) for training and for ensuring proper exchange of information between the German groups and the SESAME groups needed for the construction and installation of the beamline. Visits to other countries are possible. He/she will also be in charge of coordinating the relations with experimental groups interested in the realization of the experimental chamber(s). The successful candidate is expected to contribute to user assistance as well as to the in-house research activities under the supervision of the Scientific Director.

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