Postdoctoral fellow for the ID11L-HESEB beamline

SESAME is the first synchrotron light source in the Middle East and neighbouring countries. It is located in Allan (Jordan). The Facility was officially inaugurated in May 2017. It consists of a 20 MeV Microtron, an 800 MeV Booster synchrotron and a 2.5 GeV electron storage ring. Five beamlines are in operation and hosting users. They are the BM02-IR (Infrared) spectromicroscopy beamline, BM08-XAFS/XRF (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure/X-ray Fluorescence) spectroscopy beamline, ID09 - MS/XPD (Materials Science/X-ray Powder Diffraction) beamline, the soft X-ray ID11L-HESEB (HElmholtz-SEsame Beamline) beamline and the ID10-BEATS (BEAmline for Tomography at SESAME) beamline. This suite of five beamlines, from the eight planned for Phase I, will allow world-class research in virtually all fields of science.

SESAME is seeking a postdoctoral fellow for the ID11L-HESEB, with a Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline who has experience in UHV systems. The successful candidate will work under the overall authority of the Scientific Director and the specific supervision of the HESEB beamline Principal Scientist

This post benefits from the "SUNSTONE" project which has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe framework programme for research and innovation under grant agreement n. 101177314

Submission deadline: September 15, 2024 or until a suitable candidate is found.