The fourth beamline expands the scientific capability at SESAME.
News | 12 June, 2022
Proposals for experiments to be performed on SESAME’s three beamlines (IR, XAFS/XRF and MS) may now be submitted. The deadline for the submission of applications is June 30th 2022, at 15:00 Jordanian time.
Announcement | 30 April, 2022
Registration for 75th Anniversary event on Thursday, 28th April 2022, is open.
News | 24 April, 2022
SESAME to have new Solid State Modulators for its Microtron.
News | 04 April, 2022
A new Master in Physics offered at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Thank you for spreading the news among the Cultural Heritage community.
Announcement | 16 March, 2022
SESAME, that is located in a region which is the cradle of civilization, and possibly the richest in archaeological and cultural heritage, will be reinforcing cultural heritage research at SESAME through the INFN-CHNet network
News | 17 February, 2022
Installation of the complete front-end and optics of HESEB, the Helmholtz-SESAME Beamline for soft X-ray spectroscopy, took place from 9th to 27th January at the ID 11 port of the SESAME ring.
News | 08 February, 2022
Registration for CERN’s Summer Student Programme is open.
Announcement | 09 January, 2022
SESAME joined hands on the global stage with forefront synchrotron light facilities and science laboratories in a school that helped young scientists to better familiarize themselves with synchrotron radiation and its many opportunities for their research work.
News | 29 December, 2021
Synchrotron radiation sources have made profound impacts on the study of cultural and natural heritage, including non-destructive investigations of archaeological / historical objects, artworks and artefacts as well as human remains.
Announcement | 17 December, 2021