SESAME Appoints a New Technical Director

SESAME has appointed Professor Riccardo Bartolini as Technical Director to oversee its technical infrastructure through the laboratory’s start-up phase. SESAME, which is a third generation light source, produced its first light in 2017, one of its seven Phase 1 beamlines is in operation and a second is scheduled to start in the summer of this year.

“I am very pleased to take up this new challenge at such an important time,” said Bartolini. “SESAME is a great scientific facility, and a wonderful example of international collaboration. It is great to be part of a project that promotes science and peace and it is a privilege to carry on the work done by my predecessors Einfeld, Vignola, Nadji and Huttel.”

“It is a great opportunity for SESAME to have someone as accomplished as Professor Bartolini joining us,” said SESAME Director, Khaled Toukan. “We are all looking forward to working with him and learning from his experience.”

“Professor Bartolini brings a wealth of international experience across a broad spectrum of accelerator fields,” added Rolf Heuer, President of the SESAME Council.

Riccardo Bartolini’s experience in particle accelerator technology ranges from synchrotron light sources to free electron lasers and colliders. While serving as SESAME’s Technical Director, he will divide his time between Jordan and the UK’s Diamond light source, where he is Head of the Accelerator Physics Group, and will be on leave from the John Adams Institute at the University of Oxford.

Professor Bartolini joins SESAME at a time when the laboratory’s first beamline has started taking data. A call for experimental proposals issued in 2017 resulted in some 50 proposals being received. The two “day-one” beamlines will be in operation in the summer this year to cater for experiments conducted by groups from the SESAME Members, which will explore topics on the environment, life science, physical science and cultural heritage.

SESAME Directors (left to right) G. Paolucci, K. Toukhan, R. Bartolini, Y. Khalil

SESAME Directors (left to right) G. Paolucci,
K. Toukhan, R. Bartolini, Y. Khalil

Professor Bartolini graduated from the University of Pisa (Italy) with a thesis on a compact free electron laser and holds a PhD in physics obtained in 1997 from the University of Bologna (Italy) for a thesis on nonlinear beam dynamics at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

He then moved to the ENEA research centre in Frascati, Italy, where he worked on free electron lasers. In 2003, he moved to Diamond, where he became head of the Accelerator Physics Group in 2005, leading the accelerator physics effort during the commissioning of the Diamond booster and storage ring. Since 2007, he has held a joint appointment with the John Adams Institute in Oxford. In 2012, he was nominated a Diamond Research Fellow and in 2014 was appointed Professor of Accelerator Physics at the University of Oxford. His extensive and wide ranging research interests span synchrotron radiation sources, free electron lasers, beam dynamics and collective effects in storage rings, advanced magnets, diagnostics, and technology for ultra-low emittance rings. He is a member of several international advisory committees and conference scientific boards, including the Machine Advisory Committees at ANKA, DESY, HEPS Beijing, INFN, the Iranian Light Source Facility (Chair), the Cockcroft Institute Scientific Advisory Committee and the STFC HL-LHC-UK Oversight Committee (Chair).