SESAME gets its first detector – the PILATUS3

“PILATUS3 300K is the first detector to arrive to SESAME. And DECTRIS is the first commercial company to make a donation. This is excellent progress for the Material Science beamline, which is getting the detector, and also for the whole research center, as it shows that we can strengthen our relationship with industry”, summarized Giorgio Paolucci, the scientific director.

The project PILATUS for SESAME was set up already in 2015, in Morocco, when DECTRIS proposed a donation of a detector, to support the development of SESAME’s diffraction beamlines. Next year, at the EPDIC15 conference in Bari, Italy, Mahmoud Abdellatief presented technical specifications of Material Science (MS) beamline, and the project got its final shape. MS beamline is going to be SESAME’s first diffraction beamline, so it needs to support various powder diffraction and scattering techniques, and single crystal analysis. Such flexible and multi-purpose setup required a fast 2D detector, with particular weight-area ratio. PILATUS3 300K detector was found to be ideal choice, not only for its efficiency and speed, but also the fact that it can to fit any diffractometer.
The system was delivered right on time – a few weeks before the first beam, and is waiting for the first experimental light.

The first beam and the first detector mark the starting point of a great new year. SESAME is accelerating towards the first light, and the first experiments are expected in summer 2017.

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