Membership and Participation

  1. Membership and observer status in SESAME shall be open to Founding Members and Observers as listed in the Annex, other states and international organisations.
  2. If a potential Member and Observer wishes to join the Centre, as provided under these Statutes, it shall notify the President of the Council and indicate whether membership or observer status is desired.
  3. Membership and observer Status in SESAME shall be subject to a decision taken by a two-thirds majority of the Council mentioned in Article III, with the exception of the entities listed in the Annex to these Statutes which may become Members or Observers by the procedure set out below in Article II.4.
  4. Once the conditions in Articles II.2 and II.3 have been fulfilled, the potential member or observer shall send to the Director-General of UNESCO a notification of acceptance of these Statutes.