Scientific Computing & System Communication



The scientific computing & system communication team is playing a vital role as information technology service provider covering the aspects of hardware, software, services and applications to accomplish the SESAME missions and goals. 

Supporting sophisticated operational synchrotron environment from the IT perspectives requires vast diversity in the technology setups with high availability scheme of 24x7x365, the scientific computing & system communication became as the nerve for the facility operations including the machine and beamlines.

The team is working in close collaborations with all sectors at SESAME in order to ensure a clear vision, harmony and the suitability of the IT infrastructure.

The team is responsible for vast array of tasks and roles to meet the objectives in delivering the IT services. The list below includes, but not limited to, the core services of the scientific computing & system communication team:

  • Providing the network infrastructure for:
    • Offices, machine, beamlines and other facilities.
    • Access control system.
    • Security surveillance system.
    • Public address system.
    • Personal Safety System (PSS) and radiation safety network.
  • Operating core IT servers: email system, internet, intranet, file sharing, users accounts, databases and web hosting.
  • Administration of a heterogeneous Linux and Windows environment
  • Physical and virtual servers: Manage on premises private cloud to host all servers including control, machine and beamlines servers. 
  • Manage Centralized Storage: High-end SAN/NAS storage for servers and SESAME Experimental Data (SED) serving Data Collection and Analysis team. 
  • Manage scientific computing resources: CPU/GPU clusters serving SESAME’s users and beamlines. 
  • Backup & Archiving system.
  • Licensing and Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • LAN and WAN security including VPN access. 
  • Ticketing and monitoring systems.
  •  Advance helpdesk and support. 
  • Video-conferencing systems and virtual meeting rooms.
  • IP telephony (IPT) system.
  • Interconnectivity: internet and international connectivity and access to the Education & Research Networks 


Figure1: Interconnectivity at SESAME

Figure1: Interconnectivity at SESAME


Senior Computing and Network Administrator
Work Tel: +962 5 351 1348  (Ext. 222)

Computing Engineer
Work Tel: +962 5 3511348  (Ext 223)

Ibrahim Foudeh
Linux System Engineer
Work Tel: +962 5 3511348  (Ext 241)