XAFS/XRF beamline is one of day-one beamlines constructed during the phase one beamlines at SESAME. This beamline is optimized for X-ray spectroscopic studies in all fields of science and for in situ studies of functional materials in particular. In terms of synchrotron equipment, the priority established by the objectives defined by the communities is x-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) and x-ray fluorescence (XRF).

Most of the optics elements are retrieved from the ROBL beamline at ESRF. Within the beamline optics hutch, the white light is collimated by a double coated (Si and Pt) mirror (depending on the energy range), converted to a monochromatic beam by a double-crystal monochromator, with Si(220) pair of crystals, running either in channel-cut or fixed-exit mode, and then vertically focused by a second mirror. Using a sagitally-focusing second crystal in the monochromator, and the vertically focusing mirror, a spot-size of about 0.4 x 0.4 mm2 can be achieved (not implemented yet). With the energy range covered by the monochromator and the other optical components (6-30 keV), all the the K-edges elements ranging from Cr to Sn and the L-edges of elements ranging from Ba to U can be investigated.

Energy range ~6 - 30 keV
Flux on sample 109 -1012 ph/s/400 mA
Spot size on sample From 1x1 mm2 to 5x20 mm2




Beamline Staff

Messaoud Harfouche
Beamline Scientist
Tel: 303
Email: messoaud.harfouche@sesame.org.jo

Latif Ullah khan
2nd Beamline Scientist
Tel: 303
Email: Latifullah.khan@sesame.org.jo

Beamline Status

Ressources Status Description
Optics OK All optics have been installed and commissioned
End Statione OK Bulk XRF (single element SDD) and bulk XAFS (transmission and Fluorescence mode) are running
Beamline Status OK Accepting proposals from external users since (July 2018)


Beamline Layout

Beamline Location

The XAFS/XRF is bending magnet beamline connected to the dipole in the cell 8 of the storage ring (D08).

The D08 port section is located North-East the SESAME machine to the right of the main entrance of the building.


1 8


Beamline Hutches

XAFS/XRF beamline is composed of 3 hutches (picture). The optics (OP) and experimental (ES) hutches are lead shielded with a Pb thickness of 5 and 3 mm respectively. The 3rd hutch (Ctrl) is a normal room (without shielding) and used to control the beamline optics and the experiments


Beamline Optics


VCM: Vertical Collimating Mirror

BPM: Beam Position Monitor

DCM: Double crystal Monochromator

M-Slt: Monochromatic Slits

VFM Vertical Focusing Mirror

End Station

Experimental tables

An optical table with 6 axis of freedom is used for experiments as support for different detectors (ICs, XRF detectors) as well as the support for some sample environment devises.

The standard manipulator, consists of several modules including horizontal, vertical and rotational stages in addition to a swefflling stages. The manipulator can take up to 10kg load and allow the installation and alignment of most in-situ experimental setups.



Person Description/Position Email Address
Roa Al Natour User Officer Roa.Alnatour@sesame.org.jo
Messaoud Harfouche Beamline Scientist messaoud.harfouche@sesame.org.jo
Latif Ullah Khan Beamline Scientist latifullah.khan@sesame.org.jo