At its 42nd meeting, the Council of SESAME approved Iraq’s request to become an Associate Member of SESAME. This will make Iraq the first Associate Member of SESAME, and will pave the way to its full membership in the future.
News | 25 July, 2023
After more than 2 years of remote gatherings via online platforms, users meet once again at SESAME.
News | 07 July, 2023
First X-ray photon beam successfully delivered to the experimental station of the BEATS beamline.
News | 22 May, 2023
SESAME’s 2 new Solid State Modulators for its Microtron funded by INFN and PSI are now in operation.
News | 12 April, 2023
The fourth beamline expands the scientific capability at SESAME.
News | 12 June, 2022
Registration for 75th Anniversary event on Thursday, 28th April 2022, is open.
News | 24 April, 2022
SESAME to have new Solid State Modulators for its Microtron.
News | 04 April, 2022
SESAME, that is located in a region which is the cradle of civilization, and possibly the richest in archaeological and cultural heritage, will be reinforcing cultural heritage research at SESAME through the INFN-CHNet network
News | 17 February, 2022
Installation of the complete front-end and optics of HESEB, the Helmholtz-SESAME Beamline for soft X-ray spectroscopy, took place from 9th to 27th January at the ID 11 port of the SESAME ring.
News | 08 February, 2022
SESAME joined hands on the global stage with forefront synchrotron light facilities and science laboratories in a school that helped young scientists to better familiarize themselves with synchrotron radiation and its many opportunities for their research work.
News | 29 December, 2021