SESAME receives bunch by bunch electronics as a donation from Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO) welcomed Nashat Sawai, a senior RF engineer from SESAME, following the donation of bunch by bunch feedback digital electronics to SESAME.

The donated instrumentation will enable SESAME to build and install a type of feedback system on storage ring that will improve the beam stability, consequently the quality of the emitted synchrotron light. The donated electronics are expected to arrive at SESAME within two months.

The IR beamline at SESAME reveals new insights on the “disease of the thousand and one theories”

The first published paper utilizing data taken at the recently operational IR (Infrared) spectromicroscopy beamline of SESAME describes an interesting possible research path in the identification of the background of preeclampsia, a serious hypertensive disorder with unclear etiology and lack of reliable diagnostic tests.