Press Releases

With BEATS, the fifth beamline at the SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) synchrotron was ceremoniously inaugurated on 6 June 2023. SESAME, operating since 2017, is an intergovernmental laboratory located near Amman (Jordan) and the only synchrotron facility in the Middle East and neighbouring regions.
Press Release | 06 June, 2023
Solar Station
Today (26 February 2019), a ceremony was held to mark the official inauguration of the solar power plant of SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East).
Press Release | 26 February, 2019
SESAME hosts its first users
Allan, Jordan, 3 August 2018. On 17 July, the first users arrived at SESAME to perform experiments using the Centre’s XAFS/XRF (X-ray absorption fine structure/X-ray fluorescence) spectroscopy beamline, SESAME’s first beamline to come into operation.
Press Release | 03 August, 2018
SESAME light source brings second beamline into service
Allan, Jordan, 30 April 2018. At 11:21 pm local time (GMT +3) scientists at the SESAME[1] light source brought the laboratory’s infrared (IR) spectromicroscopy beamline into service for the first time.
Press Release | 02 May, 2018
Allan, Jordan, 22 November 2017. At 10:50 this morning scientists at the pioneering SESAME light source saw First Monochromatic Light through the XAFS/XRF.
Press Release | 22 November, 2017
Allan, Jordan, 16 May 2017. The SESAME light source was today officially opened by His Majesty King Abdullah II. An intergovernmental organization
Press Release | 16 May, 2017
The SESAME light source was officially opened by His Majesty King Abdullah II on 16 May.
Press Release | 16 May, 2017
Pioneering SESAME light source circulates first beam
Allan, Jordan, 12 January 2017. A beam circulated for the first time in the pioneering SESAME synchrotron at 18:12 (UTC+2) yesterday.  Following the first single turn, the next steps will be to achieve multi-turns, store and then accelerate a beam.
Press Release | 12 January, 2017
Installation of SESAME’s Storage Ring Begins
In a historic moment for both SESAME and the Middle East, on Wednesday, 10 February, the first of the 16 cells of SESAME’s storage ring was installed in the shielding tunnel in the Center’s experimental hall in Allan (Jordan).
Press Release | 11 February, 2016
SESAME Moves Towards Commissioning
The 26th SESAME Council meeting was hosted by UNESCO in Paris on 26-27 May.
Press Release | 30 May, 2015