SESAME Brochure

The SESAME brochure gives information about the Centre, its governance and science programme. It provides an insight into how synchrotron radiation is produced and some of the users now using SESAME’s beamlines for their experiments. It puts the spotlight on the Centre’s many partnerships and the extensive training programme available for scientists from the region.

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SESAME Souvenir Brochure 

SESAME X-rays for Industry Brochure

The SESAME X-rays for Industry brochure highlights what SESAME can do for industry and the many applications it makes possible in health, medical devices and pharmaceuticals; geology and the environment; materials science; chemistry and catalysis; solid state physics, energy and electronics; and cultural heritage, archaeology and forensics.

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SESAME Leaflet

This SESAME leaflet briefly describes in a handy one-page what SESAME and its objectives are, the Centre’s operational beamlines and those currently being developed, and its users and many partnerships, as well as opportunities for capacity building and training.

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