SESAME is 'owned' by its Members which have full control over its strategic development and exploitation, and major financial matters. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of the Director & Directorate, appointed by, and answerable to, the SESAME Council, on which all the Members are represented.

Because SESAME groups the efforts of a number of countries, it offers an extraordinarily cost-effective way of obtaining excellent wide-ranging research opportunities.

Scientists from the Members of SESAME have full access, free-of-charge, to the facilities in the laboratory, including existing beamlines and instruments as outlined in the SESAME User Policy. They are able to propose to design and conduct experiments according to their specific interests/needs, without being limited to what is offered under routine operational conditions at synchrotron radiation user facilities.

Through international cooperation enabled by SESAME, scientists, engineers and technicians from Members of the Centre are brought to world-level standards and are able to become full partners in the world scientific community.

SESAME contributes to promoting research and technologies in its Members, and, in the long run, this will have far-reaching beneficial effects on the development of national capacities. Participation in SESAME will also contribute to improving the standards of teaching and research at national universities and make industries more competitive.

Scientists and engineers from Members can profit from SESAME's extensive training opportunities in a field that is at the frontiers of science, and young scientists have greater opportunities for hands-on training through beam time allocations generously made available for SESAME in synchrotron light sources elsewhere.

Applicants from Members are given priority when international staff are hired at SESAME.

A number of components will need to be purchased as further beamlines are built, other facilities are added and (in due course) SESAME is upgraded, as happens periodically at all light sources. Here again, preference is given to national companies from Members. Such contracts are not only interesting from a financial point of view, but in many cases are important tools for technology transfer.


Members are to cover the annual operational costs of SESAME.

They contribute to the governance of SESAME through participation in the Council and the Finance Committee.

For further details see SESAME: What it is, What it brings to its Members, What the obligations of its Members are.