9th SESAME Users Meeting

Publish Date
12 November, 2011

The 9th SESAME Users' Meeting will be held in Amman, Jordan and will cover various disciplines of applied synchrotron radiation research interests of the SESAME users' community. The Users meeting will be combined with the SESAME - JSPS School, which was originally scheduled in March 2011 but was cancelled due to earthquake in Japan. The meeting will bring together scientists from the region and world experts in the various fields of synchrotron applications, and will provide a platform for information exchange and discussions of ongoing collaborative efforts within the community. The meeting will also offer the opportunity to develop new collaborative research projects.

The scientific program of the meeting consist of the following items:

  1. Opening Session and Plenary Talks
  2. Four dedicated workshops on IR, XRF/XAFS, PX and PDB
  3. Introductory session on LinkSCEEM - II Project
  4. SESAME - JSPS School (Invited Lectures and two days practice session)

for more information click here (First Announcement)

Final Announcement

8th users' meeting is sponsored by:

  • Second Announcement (Details)
  • Joint SESAME-JSPS school 14 - 16 November, 2011 (Program)
  • 9th SESAME Users Meeting 12 - 14 November, 2011 (Program)
  • Physical Societies (EPS, APS, IoP, DPG)
  • LinkSCEEM Project
  • ICTP
  • IAEA
  • JAEC
  • JNC
  • JSPS
  • National Academy of Sciences