18th Users’ Meeting

07 July, 2023
18th user meeting
Caption: © SESAME 2023: A group photo at the 18th SESAME Users’ meeting

After a long break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists from all over the world were back at SESAME for the 18th Users' meeting. The meeting was held at the Facility on May 4th and 5th, 2023. It was a chance to strengthen connections, exchange information about scientific results, and look at how the beamlines were changing and improving the Laboratory’s experimental capabilities.

Khaled Toukan, the Director of SESAME, and Rolf Heuer, the President of the SESAME Council, both gave opening remarks.

After introductions by the Scientific, Technical and Administrative Directors on the status of the Facility, the program continued with presentations of results from experiments conducted at SESAME, interleaved by presentations from the beamline scientists and from some of the coordinators of SESAME’s Proposal Review Committee (PRC).

Potential users of the new HESEB and BEATS beamlines shared their plans and expectations with the SESAME community, and the discussions triggered  at the poster sessions and coffee breaks led to more face-to-face interactions between users, PRC members, and SESAME researchers.