HESEB workshop on soft X-Rays at Istanbul University

02 August, 2022

Istanbul University

We are happy to announce that a workshop dedicated to science at SESAME’s HElmholtz-SEsame Beamline (HESEB) for soft X-ray light, which was officially inaugurated on June 12th, 2022, will be held in Istanbul on September 8-9. The extreme brilliance of the beamline and its energy range (soft X-rays between 90 and 1800 eV) will greatly expand the experimental capability of SESAME. Commissioning of the new beamline has started and the phase of friendly user operations has begun.

The two-day workshop aims to inform all potential users about the capabilities of HESEB and to foster exchanges and networking between soft X-ray users of SESAME. It will feature lectures on soft X-ray techniques and applications, as well as the first reports on stays at European synchrotron facilities by researchers from the SESAME Members having received support for this from the HESEB project.

The number of in-person participants is limited. Registration will close on August 20th at noon (CET). 

The workshop will be a hybrid event. Registration is required for both in-person and online participation.

We might be able to offer a few flat-rate grants to co-fund travel expenses. However, the certainty of this will only become clear later in the summer.

Preliminary Programme
Registration is open via indico