The President of the SESAME Council reminds UNESCO Member States about the importance of SESAME

15 July, 2020

The President of the SESAME Council, Rolf Heuer, was invited to give a short talk about SESAME on 7 July at the meeting of the Programme and External Relations (PX) Commission of the 209th session of UNESCO’s Executive Board held at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.

SESAME is the only forum in the world to bring together at one table around one project the entities that it brings together he informed delegates. It is only through science and for science that this is possible. Moreover, joining a shared facility such as SESAME is the most cost-effective way of having access to synchrotron light.

Professor Heuer’s talk served as an introduction to the report the Director-General of UNESCO was giving Member States on developments in SESAME’s activity and its cooperation with UNESCO since the 205th session of the Executive Board in the autumn of 2018.

Professor Heuer’s talk was enthusiastically received by all Member States and the Director-General’s report was unanimously approved.

On the sidelines of the Executive Board meeting, Professor Heuer had meetings with a number of Permanent Delegations to UNESCO of Member States of the SESAME region to sensitize them to the benefits they may derive from membership of SESAME.

He also had a private meeting with the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, who had visited SESAME earlier in the year.

The Executive Board of UNESCO consists of 58 Member States elected for a four-year term of office from among the Organization’s 193 Member States. It convenes twice a year in between the sessions of the biennial General Conference, and it ensures the overall management of UNESCO. It prepares the work of the General Conference and sees that its decisions are properly carried out. 

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