SESAME and the University of Jordan kick-off further collaboration in an MoU

16 April, 2019

Today (16th April 2019), the University of Jordan, represented by its President, Abdelkarim Al-Qudah, and SESAME, represented by its Director, Khaled Toukan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further expand collaboration between the two parties, particularly to develop academic and research cooperation through:

  1. The use of available research laboratories and instruments.
  2. The exchange of faculty and researchers for the purpose of teaching, delivering lectures, conducting research, and the exchange of expertise.
  3. Collaborative research projects.
  4. Joint symposia, seminars, and conferences.
  5. The exchange of academic information and materials.


Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between SESAME and University of Jordan (left to right - Signing): Prof Khaled Toukan (SESAME Director) and Prof Abdelkareem Al-Qudah (President of the University of Jordan)
© University of Jordan (left to right) Khaled Toukan and Abdelkarim Al-Qudah signing the Memorandum of Understanding