SESAME at the National Geographic Festival of Sciences

19 November, 2020
           Photo by Salah Malkawi, for The National.

The fifteenth edition of the Rome Science Festival will be dedicated to the role of science in looking to the future. Global warming, new forms of energy, economy and sustainable progress, the water situation, the future of low-cost technology, the development of cities, population growth and decrease: these and many others are the crucial themes that the Festival will explore in this year’s edition.

SESAME’s IR beamline principal scientist, Gihan Kamel, is invited to take part in the Festival on Friday, 27 November 2020, to highlight how SESAME, being the only facility of its kind in the Middle East and neighbouring regions, is promoting advanced research capabilities and technology within its Members and beyond, and why it is strongly considered as the region’s unique model of a forum for peace and mutual understanding. The talk will show how the language of science is successfully opening many scientific and economic opportunities, and how, even in a region as sensitive as this, optimism never dies.