1. The SESAME Members shall contribute to a total yearly budget whose amount shall be decided by the Council by a two-thirds majority. The distribution of the total budget among the Members will be carried out according to the procedure accepted by the first six participants.
  2. The above-mentioned contributions shall not be due from the Members unless the Centre has received:

    • a commitment from Jordan to provide the land, the accelerator hall and buildings for offices and laboratories
    • a commitment from the German government to provide the component parts of BESSY I, which has been dismantled at Berlin at the cost of SESAME
  3. Observers and other institutions may provide funds for the project.
  4. Resources for the installation and upgrading of SESAME, for setting up beam-lines and experiments will be sought from sponsors and international organizations, in addition to contributions from SESAME Members. Part of such contributions can be provided in kind.