Purpose and Functions

  1. The “International Centre for Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East”, hereinafter called “SESAME”, shall provide for collaboration in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Region with free access to all scientists of SESAME members in relevant areas of research, being also open to scientists from the whole world, in basic and applied research using synchrotron radiation or closely related topics.
  2. Special support will be given to work of relevance to the region and scientific and industrial research. SESAME shall not undertake classified work for military purposes or other secret research and the results of its experimental and theoretical activities shall be ultimately published or otherwise made generally available. The Council referred to in Article III shall adopt appropriate regulations concerning intellectual property and industrial interests.
  3. The programme of SESAME shall in particular consist of the following activities:
    • installation, operation, maintenance and upgrading of:

      1. the synchrotron light source
      2. the light beams, spectrometers and other detectors
      3. the ancillary equipment and laboratories
    • provision of research facilities for scientists and engineers from the region and elsewhere
    • training of scientists, engineers and technicians
    • scientific and technical help to users, and general help to users as far as travel, housing, transport and other needs are concerned
    • organization and sponsoring of international cooperation in the field of SESAME’s activities
  4. The Centre shall be an autonomous institution at the service of its Members.
  5. The seat of the Centre shall be at Amman, Jordan or such other or additional site decided by a two-thirds majority of the Council.