SPIE International Day of Light 2019 photo contest

25 May, 2019

The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) has launched its 2019 photo contest, which is an annual event that provides imagery to support the celebration of the International Day of Light (16 May of each year).

The contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers, and strives to allow them to show how light impacts cultural, economic, and political aspects of our global society.

One of the sponsors of the contest is Lightsources.org.

Those interested in taking part in the competition will find information about it here.

16 May of each year was proclaimed as the International Day of Light by the 39th session of UNESCO’s General Conference (October-November 2017). The proclamation of this annual International Day enables global appreciation of the central role that light and light-based technologies play in the lives of the citizens of the world in areas of science, technology, culture, education, and sustainable development. It provides an enduring legacy to UNESCO’s highly successful International Year of Light in 2015 that reached over 100 million people in over 140 countries.

16 May coincides with the day (in 2017) when SESAME was formally inaugurated.

The first International Day of Light was held in 2018. An infographic report on the 2019 International Day of Light is available here.